Image Requirements

  • Ideally the minimum size of each image should be around 6MB with a minimum display resolution of 250 PPI (pixels per inch). 300 PPI is preferred. In general, bigger photo book require large size images. If you need any advice on this matter please contact us.
  • Please ensure your images are in a chronological order.
  • If you’re sending both “must have” images and “maybe” images please separate them into different folders.
  • Although there is no limitation on how many photos can be put on one page, we do suggest you submit about 2 – 4 images per page side as a guide to achieve the best result. “Less is more”, the most powerful album tend to have less images. Our design price covers 4 images per page side on average. If the total number of your images excesses the average total, you will be charged extra for that.
  • If the images are in JPEG format, they should have colour profile of sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998) embedded. If you need any advice on this matter please contact us.
  • If you have your own design and using our Print and Bind service, please make sure to keep all text, effects and important part of your image within the area that is 1cm away from the edge.
  • We do not accept RAW format unless photo enhancement service is required.