Design Styles

Each photo book is custom designed to complement your photographs, either matched to a design or theme you particularly like, or perhaps chosen from a professional range of standard styles that we will be pleased to suggest. Either way, we are very flexible to your needs as there is no limitation on styles and colours that can be used to make your photo book the perfect choice in which to encapsulate your special memories.

Some of the more popular artistic styles are listed as follows with relevant photographic samples to give you a better idea of what style might be the most appropriate for you.



This simple, yet refined style is perfect for those looking for something timeless. As it implies, it exudes an elegance of image display that can only enhance the subject themes. No irrelevant design elements will be added to distract focus from the images; backgrounds are usually only black or white or very neutral, and thin key lines can be added to enhance the images. Negative spacing is quite often used for effect.

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More design elements are employed in this style but the overall layouts remain clean and simple. Background images can be introduced to provide supporting roles to the storytelling aspect. Also, colours can be taken from the images and put to use in the backgrounds, key-lines or borders to augment the design.

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This style is designed to be charming and sophisticated. The background images may be semi-opaque or gradient faded to enhance the focus of subject matter. In addition, sloppy borders and blended photos may be used for effect.

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The key signature of this style is that texture, pattern or graphic embellishments are used in emphasising backgrounds or borders.

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Whatever style is chosen, caption text can be added in complementary fonts and colours.