Wedding Photographer Sussex Children’s Photographer

I am a female photographer who specialises in Weddings and Children’s photography. My approach with photography is relaxed and natural with a touch of artistic flair. Whether it’s your wedding, your family, your children or your important event my aim is to capture that precious moment in time for you to keep and cherish forever.

Based in Horsham, West Sussex, I can conveniently serve East Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London, and Hampshire. I’m also happy to travel anywhere throughout the UK and Europe if required.

As an on-location photographer who uses all the advantages of natural light, I am a believer in the concept that photographic images are ‘made’, not just taken, and I take personal care that every one of my images reflect that belief. Because of this, I pay great attention to detail, and spend time on post-processing to ensure the captured image is the very best it can be.

Why do I specialise in weddings photography and life style children’s photography? That’s easy. I am drawn to the beauty of happiness and there are no happier subjects than people in love or children who are just busy being children. For me, photography is an ideal medium to embrace my fascination with people, and it is a privilege to be asked to provide visual records of events that people want to remember always. Good photography is my passion as I hope my pictures will readily demonstrate.

Wedding Photography Sussex

Wedding Photography in a blend of contemporary and photo-journalistic style, modern and timeless. Capture your true emotions and record the story of your special day.

Your wedding is going to be full of wonderful memories, underlined by the gorgeous dresses, beautiful flowers, shiny rings, sparkling champagne, wedding cakes, and the breathtaking venue. Best of all is the contagious affection of the happy couple and the joyful spirit spread among the guests.

I love to photograph weddings and take the utmost pride to encapsulate the true emotions and very best moments of this most important day of your lives.

Family and Children Photography Sussex

Capture the precious moments that show your child’s true spirit. Natural and spontaneous photographs mixed with a touch of art and style. Write the story of a day in the life of your child.

I am a lifestyle photographer. I like to focus on the natural moments of your child, capturing those spontaneous expressions, natural smiles, and the sparkle in their eyes. Even their playful mischief can light up a photograph like nothing else.

Having the opportunity to enjoy the innocence and purity of children over and over again is highly addictive to me, and I am sure to you, too! Being a mother myself I realise how quickly children grow up. The photographs of my daughter and my family are my greatest treasure.

No matter how far you are into the future, good photographs enable you to step back in time and revisit those magical moments, again and again. Memories are unique and precious. Let me help you keep them saved for ever.

Photo Books UK

Fabulous Photo-books that present a stunning way to share and preserve your memories.

I offer a range of stunning Flush Mount Photo Books and I believe those Photo books are the most beautiful way to share and preserve your memories. With Flush mount photo books, the photos are printed on high quality professional photographic paper then mounted to rigid board and each page then individually hand bounded to the spine. The pages can ‘lay flat’ with an invisible seam, photos can be spread cross the page. Each album page is splash proof, scratch proof and crease proof. People who see them absolutely fall in love with them.

Photo Enhancement & Album Design

Apart from taking wedding photographs and lifestyle children’s portraiture, I enjoy photo retouching and photo album design and offer these services to professional photographers and individual person as well.I’d like to bring out the life of a dull photo or prefect a already good image. I’d like to help you making your photos telling stories.  If you are interested in these services, please visit the photo enhancement and album design sections for more information.

Thank you for stopping by. If you like my photographs and/or my products, I’d love to hear from you.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in a blend of contemporary and

Children Photography

Capture the precious moments that show your child's

Albums & Design

Fabulous Photo-books that present a stunning way to

Photo Enhancement

Post-processing and photo retouching